Always the Ghostwriter, Sometimes the Ghost

Many people do not know what a ghostwriter does. I have heard questions ranging from, You write books? Really? to Do you write ghost stories? I love ghost stories. That last one always makes me smile.



To clear up the matter, here are some quick and easy-to-read facts about the subject of ghostwriting, ghostwriters, and ghosts.

Ghosts are scary. Ghostwriters are not. (Well, maybe some are. You be the judge.) Ghostwriters are some of the the most empathetic people you will ever meet. We have to possess the empathetic gene because there is no way we can become “you”, the person we are writing about if we cannot put ourselves into your shoes. Empathy is a key component of ghostwriting, and a vital characteristic of a ghostwriter. We listen, are patient, and care about your project, oftentimes more than you do.

Ghosts are elusive. Ghostwriters are not. Or, at least, we don’t want to be. Ghostwriters can be found through an internet search for “ghostwriters” or in organizations, such as Association of Ghostwriters. Unfortunately, there are so many ghostwriting ads on the first page of an internet search (and we get confused with that old T.V. show Ghostwriter, and with songwriter ghostwriters on Twitter) that we ask you to kindly scroll to the second and third pages of your search. We definitely don’t want to hide and want you to find us so we can help you write your book.

Ghosts are trapped in some kind of strange limbo. Ghostwriters are self-motivated, organized writers who write every day for a living. We pick our own work hours or may even work in our pajamas, or not. We may not do mornings, or we may. We may work weekends. We may work all night. The take away is that we are dedicated project planners that work according to schedule to deliver. And, we do.

Ghosts may have a bone to pick or a vendetta. Ghostwriters have contracts so you know where you stand. Contracts make it easy to know what your role is as the author and what the ghostwriter’s role will be regarding the writing of your book, fees, and deadlines, etc.

Ghosts are wandering souls that need to be released. So are ghostwriters. We unleash our souls in everything we write. We can’t help it. We’re like the security software program running in the background to keep you safe. Even though it is your story, your book, a little bit of us goes into how we create and interpret your story.


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