Welcome to “The Gift of Writing Words”

dawn-sunset-person-womanWelcome to this blog called “The Gift of Writing Words.”  I love everything and anything to do with writing. I write for a living and I also write for pleasure. I was once, and still am, a teacher of writing and now I write for others as a ghostwriter. Sometimes I get a byline and sometimes I don’t. But, all the same, I am doing the one thing I love the most and that is writing.

Words are not tools of expression; they are gifts. That’s why I have elected to call this blog “The Gift of Writing Words.” Words are what help us express our thoughts, make our ideas more tangible. I’m sure you have heard phrases like, “I just can’t put my thoughts into words.” That may be true. Sometimes you may not be able to. Because sometimes you can’t use every gift that you are given. It is the same with words. Sometimes words cannot help you say exactly what you want to say. Words may act as placeholders for our thoughts but they don’t reveal what we really want them to. Maybe there isn’t a word that describes exactly what you feel. So you have to shape the language to communicate a thought or evoke an emotion. Or, you may have to broaden your vocabulary, even beyond your own language, and write a new or different word. Or, better yet, you create something new.

If we think about the words we use as gifts to others, our messages will be given with a spirit of charity, just as our gift-giving does. Words are messengers of what already dwells within our minds and souls. They are the transmitters of what we already believe. And, words can be used to elucidate what we have known all along but just needed time to discover. Words help us understand, words help us create, and words help us move others. When the gift of words are used with charity, the writer will always be able to reach the hearts of others.



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